Sahara Gas Patio Heater

We've chosen to stock the Sahara X13 patio heater because it offers some really well thought out features and we like the sleek stainless steel design.

The clever heat focus reflector allows you to change the angle of the reflector top so you can direct the heat to exactly where it’s needed. This in turn means you can turn down the dial, reduce the overall output and save gas.

The heater has instant electric ignition  so it is easy to light and there's a variable heating control so that you can achieve your ideal amount of background heat.

We've opted for the premium stainless steel model for look and durability. The sturdy base has wheels so it can be easily moved around your patio or stored when not in use. Your gas cylinder is housed inside the base and the top can be used as a flat rest for drinks. 


2250(H) x 865(W) x 865(D) mm. 38kg.

13kW. Requires a propane gas cylinder (available separately at in store). Gas hose and regulator included. Safety Features Fitted – Anti-tilt switch and flame failure devices.


Only 1 remaining which is the pre-assembled display model!

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