Everyday Homewares

Our Homewares department stocks everything from doormats, to cleaning products, rotary airers, kitchen bins, toilet brushes, storage boxes and more! We continue to seek out thoughtful eco brands and products to help our customers make low impact considered choices.

ARE YOU LOOKING TO SEE IF WE STOCK A PARTICULAR PRODUCT FOR THE HOME? Click here and you'll be redirected to our Google storefront where you can use the search bar to check our inventory.  The Google storefront gives you live stock availability and pricing - if a product has a barcode and we have it in stock, then it will appear! Ok, so this doesn't exactly turn us into a mega slick online store, but that isn't our ambition. Our aim is to continue to provide the best in-store shopping experience possible, and this link means that you can check products in advance if you wish to. 

Why not give it a try?