Original Charcoal Kettle 57cm Bundle

Brand : Weber

A genuinely iconic product! If you ask us at Noyces, we'd say that no household should be without a Weber kettle barbecue!

It can be used rain or shine, with the minimal of fuss and attention, to 'roast' full joints of meat and the results will blow you away! Nothing beats the flavour and moistness you get from cooking in a kettle barbecue. A firm favourite is to buy from the local butcher a chicken and a mid-size ham joint. Soak and add some Weber smoking chips to the charcoal before you put in the meat and leave the barbecue to work it's magic! Timings are the same as oven cooking. 

If you are not familiar with the indirect cooking method and want to read more, Weber has more information worth reading click here. 

SPECIAL VALUE BUNDLE: When you buy this barbecue model we will give you a free pair of Weber's excellent barbecue gloves (worth £49.99) and a free upgrade to the premium GBS cooking grate (worth £55.99).

For any Weber accessories, charcoal and other barbecue tools please contact us first so that we can ensure we provide you with everything that you need.


Please note if comparing prices online that this is the enhanced E-5710 version of the 57cm Original Kettle; it is taller and has a deeper ash pan. In our opinion, these differences are worthwhile improvements.

Click here for full details on the Weber website

Some self assembly required.


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